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1. Affiliate Marketing. One of the most popular methods especially for anyone who is new to internet marketing, this is a simple form of making money as you do not need to create your own product, and there are thousands of affiliate programs available online.

All that is really required of you once you join an affiliate program is to promote the program and you will be paid a commission every time someone buys the product through your link. When you join an affiliate company you will be given a personal link or ID which gets added to any promoting that you do. Your affiliate ID or link will appear any time a sale is made through your advertising and you will earn a commission.

2. Network marketing. Network marketing or MLM as it is often called is a business that can be done both online and offline and has been around for many years. This type of business is twofold in that it involves both the selling of products and sponsoring people in to the business and building a down-line of network marketers from whom you will earn a residual income as they build their businesses by duplicating your efforts.

Having a website that you can send prospects to when you first meet them is an extremely powerful method of reinforcing your original sales pitch.

3. Niche marketing. If you have a subject or hobby that you are passionate about then setting up a website that is directed toward your passion is an excellent way to make money doing something that you love. It is not difficult to research if the niche you are keen on is lucrative or not. If it is, then it should be relatively easy to find products that you can sell on your website where you can also write articles with information connected to your subject and if you know what you are talking about people will want to visit your site and purchase what you have to offer.

4. Direct retailing. If you own a bricks and mortar business already or if you make a product and would like to expand and sell on the internet then you can either build a website of your own on which to sell your products or you can offer them for sale on auction websites. This is one of the easiest methods of generating sales. There is a downside to consider with this type of business and that is that you are responsible for the packaging and shipping of your products to the customers, but if you do not mind doing these chores then it is an excellent method to use for an internet based business.

5. Membership sites. This is an exceptionally popular method of generating income at the moment and there is an enormous market on the web if you have specialized knowledge of any kind that you can utilize with a membership site. Basically a membership site makes money through people signing up with a monthly subscription so that they can access the information that you offer where as a specialist in your subject you are able to mentor them.

In order for this method to work you will have to be able to offer really good quality content if you want your subscribers to remain loyal and keep following you.

These are just 5 different ways to make money with an online based business and there are plenty more opportunities online for anyone with a desire to succeed. Provided you are willing to learn what is required with which ever methods you choose and you are prepared to put in the necessary work, there is absolutely no reason why you should not be a success and earn a very lucrative income as your own boss working from home and dictating your own hours. That is the greatest feeling of all.


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EBay is no doubt the biggest marketplace in the virtual world. In cyberspace, people flock to eBay in order to find things they need and want: hi-tech gadgets and gizmos, autographed sports paraphernalia, antique kitchenware, heirloom jewelry pieces, vacation souvenirs, birthday giveaways, prized vegetable seeds ‘“ anything and everything under the scorching sun, even property. In fact, real estate businesses on eBay are some of the most famous ‘“ or infamous, if you may.

You see, over the past few years, businesses on eBay that involved the selling of property, including residential homes, have stirred up quite a controversy. Since eBay is open to everyone who can comply with the site’s simple rules and regulations, such as opening up a PayPal account and having a certain number of positive feedbacks from previous transactions, scams abound. Many people abuse eBay and use the site for their personal gain by feeding on others’ ignorance. Don’t be a victim of fraudulent sellers.
How to Avoid Bad Real Estate Businesses on eBay ?

In order to protect yourself from real estate businesses that are nothing but huge scams, all you have to do is follow logic and your instinct. First of all, never ever purchase property ‘“ on eBay or elsewhere — without setting eyes on it in person. Buying property is serious business; unlike purchasing shirts and CDs, buying property entails a large amount of money. It’s unbelievable how many people allow themselves to go through with a real estate transaction without even getting up to see the state of the house they’re buying. Then, these same people wonder what they did wrong to end up getting a place that’s dirty, broken, in shambles. Don’t be one of these people. Smarten up.

Another thing to watch out for is the description of the property up for auction. If it sounds just too good to be true, well, you can bet it probably is; the chances are high that what you’re looking at is nothing but a PhotoShopped image ‘“ and the whole deal is the work of an unscrupulous seller waiting to eat the next fool for breakfast. Don’t be that fool. If something seems too perfect, ask the seller to see the property in person. If the seller refuses, move on to the next property on the list.

Online flipping, as what financial experts have come to label the real estate scamming phenomenon on eBay and all over the Internet, still exists to this day ‘“ and it probably won’t stop until there are no more greedy and dishonest people on the planet, and until there are no more people who allow themselves to fall victims into scams like this. The best way to fight is to adopt a wiser attitude towards online shopping in general. You’ve worked hard for your money, so it’s only right that you ensure it goes to pay something that’s worth it. From multi-million-dollar summer houses in Florida to thousand-dollar apartments in New York, know for sure that you have what you’re looking for ‘“ and successfully keep yourself away from fraudulent real estate businesses on eBay.

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As a small business owner, there are instances that you will need extra resources to pay for urgent purchases or emergency expenses while managing your own business. Getting a credit card for business is one of the best option. However, it is important to know when and how you can use this type of credit card. Below are some tips on how you can use your business credit card wisely:

Use your business credit strictly for business. Business owners sometimes tend to use their business credit cards for personal spending such eating out at restaurants or grocery shopping. This is definitely a no-no. If you own a credit card for business, you need to be very strict about the kind of expenses you charge on your card.

Make sure that your business credit card is used for business expenses only. On the other hand, your personal credit should be used only for your personal needs. Know your limits and always exercise self-discipline.

Choose the card that suits your business. Different business credit cards are designed to help different types of businesses. It is your job to find out which credit card for small business caters to the specific needs of your company. You may need to take some time researching about the many small business credit cards available in the market, but taking your time is a smarter move than getting a card that is wrong for your business.

Set a limit to your business spending. Just because you own a company does not mean you can use your business credit all you want. Be wise. A smart business owner sets up a realistic budget that must be followed. Keep in mind that a business credit card should be your partner in keeping your finances more stable and steady and not the opposite.

It is too easy to splurge using a card and get stuck in huge debts later on. Do not forget that each time you charge a purchase to your business account, you have the obligation to pay it back by your due date. Never use your business credit card if you have doubts that you can pay it back on time.

Check your account regularly. Apart from the monthly statements of account and the quarterly and yearly summaries sent by your credit card company, credit cards for small business provide an online account access for its card holders. Thus, you can check your account right from your home office or wherever there is access to the internet at any time. Take advantage of this opportunity to keep track of your charges and to make sure that you are staying within your budget.

Pay your monthly balances in full. A wise entrepreneur knows the value of paying debts on time. Never carry over your balance for the next month if you already have the means to pay it off completely. Remember, it is better to keep your credit to debt ratio in a balance to keep your business credit in excellent standing. Paying off your monthly balance in full protects you from the risk of bad debt and incurring additional interest rates and penalty charges.

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When I first started as a massage therapist and people would walk into my clinic complaining of anxiety, I simply thought they were really stressed and would give them a simple relaxation massage.

Being disappointed with my treatments, I started to do more research on the subject since I believe to really treat somebody well you really need to understand how they feel. I went on the internet and read a variety of books to get a basic idea but quickly decided to go right to source and ask my clients how they felt and what bothered them.

Today, when somebody says they have anxiety, I follow up with a series of questions. The first being: – How do you feel your anxiety’? The answers can vary from – I feel I can’t breathe, like I have a pressure on my chest.?, or – out of nowhere my heart starts beating weird and it makes me panic’I also hear about stomach complaints with phrases like – My stomach feels all twisted and in knots and I seem to have indigestion’ and – my brain feels really foggy and I’m having a hard time staying focused’All these answers lead me to believe that some very important points to work on should be the stomach, the head as well as taking some time to focus on breathing techniques.

This all made perfect sense to me. Anxiety, being a psychological disorder affects our mind making us unable to think properly and clearly( foggy head and unable to concentrate). Also, we all know that psychological disturbance can affect our stomach. For example, being nervous to put on a presentation can give us butterflies ( cramps ) in our stomachs, and when we live a stress out heart beat elevates and our breaths get shorter.

From this point on my simple relaxation massage became much more complex and the feedback from my clients has been extremely good.

How I do it:


At the very beginning of the treatment, I take a few minutes to get my clients to be conscious of their breathing and to take deeper and fuller breaths. After a few respirations I put a pressure on their on their upper chest, just enough to get them to work their breathing muscles and ask them to continue with their breathing. After, I move on to put a pressure on the sides of the rib cage using the same technique. When I stop applying the pressure, they are able to take bigger breaths with a lot less effort and their heart rate is slower. Taking the time to do this allows me to start the massage with a calmer and more receptive client.

The Head:

To relax the head I was inspired by Indian head massage techniques. This specialty offers a wide variety of manoeuvres that focus on the head, scalp, face, neck and shoulders and with a little touch of lavender it works wonders.To finish off this area, I like to go work the points at the base of the skull which are important pressure points in Asian techniques to help with anxiety and stress.

The stomach:

I massage the stomach as usual with the help of essential oils. I use peppermint for the intestines and rosemary for the liver to encourage digestion. I also like to use ylang ylang on the lower part of the stomach to stimulate the hormones which can put us in a better mood and relieve the anxiety. And last but not least, I take a bit of time to work the solar plexus with some lavender. This is where most people feel ‘knoted’ and they enjoy the relief that it offers.

Taking the time to focus on these few points has made a tremendous difference on my clients. They feel like they got a relaxation massage with the added benefits of working targeted areas that really bothered them. I hope this article has been informative for other massage therapists and if your experience has thought you any tricks I would love to hear them.

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Article marketing is a proven way to increase targeted traffic, get more sales, establish yourself as an authority and build your credibility. With so much to offer it is not surprising that almost every Internet marketer uses this technique. But not all articles bring about such amazing results. Learning how to make your articles work for you is key to your success.

To begin you will need a great title. By great I mean one that honestly relates to the content of the article and one that grabs the attention of readers. Additionally, the keywords should be used.

As for the article itself, you will need to structure the content in a way that is easy to read. There are many things that can aid that. For instance, listing things and using bullet points makes an article easier to skim over. Be prepared for the fact that not everyone will actually read the entire article. People in general are in a hurry and many will scan the article for important points and key terms.

Use short sentences and concise paragraphs that get to the point. An article is not where you want to add fluff. Keep the flow going. Write as if you are talking with a friend. Keep your language straight forward without using a lot of jargon. Keep in mind that someone completely new to the topic may be reading your article. Determine your targeted crowd and aim to provide information on their level with enough background that anyone could benefit from your article.

Be sure to introduce the topic in your first paragraph. It is also important that you include your keywords in the opening paragraph and sprinkle them throughout the article.Do not over-use the key terms; only add them in where they would fit in a normal conversation.

Wrap up the article with a summary. Again, include the key words. I like for my final paragraph to do double duty for me. I want the wrap up to relate to the introductory paragraph and I want it to flow into the resource box.

This makes the article complete and it leads the reader where I want them; reading my part of the article, which is the resource box. It is important the article itself is written with the reader in mind; it should include useful information that will be helpful to the reader and it should be written in an entertaining way.

But the resource box is for the writer. This is where you get to pitch or promote your chosen product, service, or website. The space here is limited so you have to use it wisely. Include key terms and at least one link. If you want to tell the reader about yourself do so after you have added your link. The flow from the article will be lost if you change the focus at the beginning of the resource box.

You are now ready to submit your article to major directories across the Internet. Start with the better known directories. Do not get frustrated if you do not see results right away. This is a numbers game; the more articles you write and submit the more your content will get read and better results will be achieved.

Once you know the basics of article writing and marketing your strengths will build. You will learn to write better and faster making it easier to get more and more articles out there. Your momentum will build and your success will soar. If you currently are not using article marketing you are leaving money on the table that should be in your pocket. Get started today!, Good Luck !


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Affiliate advertising is an easy way for bloggers to generate more income for their businesses. This is a type of online marketing where the blogger is paid to advertise and promote another business’s products and services. Both parties benefit from the arrangement, as an advertising business is able to reach more potential customers, and the blogger creates an additional revenue stream. Advertisements for products and services can drive more traffic to your blog and provide you with extra income.

Before entering into an agreement with an affiliate program, make sure the terms of the agreement are clear to you. Know up front how often you will be paid and the method of payment. Your payment may be based on pay-per-click, pay-per-lead, or pay-per-sale. All these payment methods require your blog readers to follow through with a particular action, such as clicking on the advertisement or contacting the advertising business. Determine if the offered payment method is satisfactory to you and whether it is reasonable to expect your readers to be interested in the advertisement.

Carefully select the advertisements you will place on your blog. The affiliate program products and services promoted on your blog should be in alignment with your blog’s content and the readers’ interests. Make sure that the products and services advertised are within a price range that your blog readers can afford. Research the advertisement business to ensure that they are an honest and trustworthy business. You do not want to advertise any product or service that will not meet your readers’ expectations because your own integrity will be questioned if the affiliate advertiser provides items of poor quality.

Do not enter into agreement with an abundance of affiliate programs. The possibility of making extra income from each advertiser might lead you to think that “more is better,” but too many advertisers on your blog will usually cause the search engines to classify your blog as spam and will probably result in fewer people visiting your site. Limit your affiliate programs to a few credible, trustworthy advertisers.

Some affiliate programs restrict their advertising to blogs that are well-established and already have a high traffic count. Amazon, eBay, and AllPosters, however, all accept bloggers without regard to how long their blog has been active. Affiliate directories, such as Commission Junction, Affiliates Directory, and Associate Programs offer lists of advertising opportunities, but most of these have strict prerequisites for bloggers interested in advertising.

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The rapidly growing use of internet has also given a rise to the popularity of PPC (pay per click ad service program). It is a search engine marketed based technique through which highly targeted traffic is generated. The web site needs to be well optimized for this purpose. If a company is newly born, wants an instant rendezvous between its product and the targeted consumers and wishes for an instant browsing as soon as the website gets launched, PPC is there to help it out. There are certain guidelines, if followed properly, can help you achieve your desired goal.

The very first step that comes after getting registered for PPC is to take part in the bidding competition. Search engines conduct the bidding for the list of the key words and the placement of the ads. Here, one comes to know the importance of the key words that are to be used for the ad. You need to make a selection of your key words which you are going to bid for. In the beginning if your site is not an established one, go for low demand key words. Because there would be many big competitors competing for the high demand key words. There would be chances of not getting those words and if by chance you do get them after spending a fortune, your newly established website would not rank longer in them. With the passage of time when your site acquires a sound footing, then start bidding for high demand key words. But the choice of key words should be made in order to cater to the demands of your target audience.

After the proper selection of key words, comes the importance of the ad placement. Here you should try to spend more. If the ad comprises of good key words, brief information and gets a top placement, it would definitely get noticed in the very first glance. It will get the due amounts of click and that would end up in generating traffic for your site.

The ad and the content of your website should be a piece of quality. And both should relate to each other. At times, visitors attracted by the ad when visit the web site, the badly produced content of the site fails to sustain their interest. And some times, it does not give them the required information about the company or the product. It results in lowering the business graph and famished amount of profit. So, your ad must have a catchy out look and the content should be well written.

Your web site also needs to be well crafted and attractively constructed to bring in more and more visitors.

Always keep in mind the boundary wall of your budget. Do not exceed from it otherwise you will be liable to spend more than you are required to.

A well written and well placed ad coupled with the interest absorbing and duly informative content of your web site can make the clicking go on for your web site.

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