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Have you ever deactivated a WordPress plugin only to find that it broke your blog won ‘t load any longer?  This is most common when you have your plugins deactivated because you are upgrading WordPress.

The reason this is happening is because many WordPress plugin authors provide the call to the plugin without using an “if”.  This causes the call to the plugin to break your page when the server goes to pull the plugin code and discovers it has been deactivated.

This actually isn’t very difficult to fix, so I figured I would write a quick post explaining how to do so.    I’ll use the popular Related Posts plugin for my example.     Once you’ve downloaded and installed the plugin, you’ll need to place some code where you want the related posts to display.    The plugin author gives you the following code to use:

php related_posts(); ?>

As you can see, there is no if/then involved, so it will cause problems if you deactivate the plugin.   Here is how the code needs to look to avoid breaking your blog:

php if(function_exists('related_posts')) { related_posts(); } ?>

You just need to take the related_posts in drop it in there twice.   This way if you deactivate the Related Posts plugin, it won’t cause any problems.

To avoid problems in the future, I recommend going through your plugin list and converting all your plugin calls to the above format.

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Have you ever noticed that many next generation web browsers will often detect a blog’s feed by displaying a feed icon on the right side of the address bar?  This is something many estabalished sites have taken the time to set up to encourage feed subscribers, but something that most WordPress themes don’t do by default.

In order to instruct next generation web browsers to automatically detect your WordPress blog’s feed(s), you’ll simply need to do is make a quick modification to your header.php file and add the following code:

rss+xml" title=" RSS Feed" href="" />

rss+xml" title=" RSS Comments Feed" href="" />

If your theme already has the first code in place for the RSS Feed, then you’ll just need to paste the second set of code in to display your RSS Comments Feed.  You can also swap out the PHP code and instead use your Feedburner feed address if you’d like.

If you aren’t sure if you should bother to do this or not, never underestimate the power of suggestion.  It is an unobtrusive way to promote your RSS Feed and Comments Feed while not using up any valuable screen real estate.

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Basic WordPress is a blog program that contains a sleek and easy-to-use format with easy maintainability. While it doesnt come complete with the additional template use such as Mimbo does, it works quite well for blogs. WordPress can be used anywhere from a personal interest format to a readers’ blog of market information. Maybe you just want a place where your friends and family can get together in an internet and real time way. Either way, here are a few simple things to keep in mind.

There are some basic things that fall into the category of dos and donts, both with the setup and with the etiquette. In my personal opinion, dont set up a blog that people cant respond to – this defeats the entire purpose of blogging and yes, I have seen this and maybe it was an oversight.

The first thing to watch for if you are planning on promoting your blog is to make sure that when installing WordPress you DONT deselect the option Allow my blog to appear in search engines.” If you deselect this, your blog may rarely be found.

The etiquette that comes with blogging is an important factor. Dont leave bad comments! If you see where someone has responded to your page and left a comment that makes

you mad or irritable, dont respond to it. This will give a negative impact to what you are trying to accomplish.

Check out other bloggers, follow different discussion threads that appeal to your interest. Leave comments on other blogs but when you do, have them come across as intelligent. Check your spelling and grammar and at all costs do not leave a comment that simply says “thank you” or “nice page”. This is nothing more than a cheap attempt to have someone look at your page, and chances are that they wont. The better the comment, the higher the chance of additional views to your own blog.

Dont ignore comments by others unless it is a negative comment. It is actually better to use a negative comment as a chance to ask the persons opinion on what they would like to see change. This can sometimes be a tough call and you may have to think about it. Use integrity in your own blog site(s) as well as other blogs and it will get you the same respect. You will attract more visitors. Use customer service skills. Be conscientious of what you are saying and how you say it.

Whatever your reason for creating a blog, it is much easier and less time-consuming to grab at the WordPress program. And remember your etiquette, as it will pay off in the short and long run of things.

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Adsense Trick

1. Never click your own ads in any way
Rules of the most widely violated by adsense publisher, with punishment banned from Google that reached 70%. This is (probably) happen because you want to try their system by clicking your own ads. For those who test the system, can be categorized as those who provide accidental clicks, there are ways to help you to not be banned by Google, is by sending you a notification email accidentally clicking your own ads to ‘learn’ their systems. They’ll help you anyway, samalah like when you did something wrong, then apologize … It must be forgiven kok.

2. Do not place more than three ad units and 3 ad links or 2 search boxes on every blog
Google gives a maximum of three ad units and ad links with the two search boxes to put on a full page. While you naughty with fourth place your ad, you need not worry because it tokh ads will not appear. Nakh than Google adsense breaking the rules but we do not have the results, better not have been violated dekh.

3. Never modify or implement new codes in adsense
If you’ve got your adsense ad code, make sure that you not alter the ad code-fox. You are only allowed to change colors, sizes and banner code. For those who are not proficient in HTML, do not try this at home … Even if the already-katik kutak aja ya back to the configuration page.

4. Open an Account for 10 blogs
If you have 10 blogs that you want to Monetize with Google Adsense, then an account is sufficient, there are no restrictions for you to open more than 10 blogs. I recommend this only to minimize the impact of a small mistake can make your account banned.

5. Do mengumbar secrets your adsense account
This can happen when you’re showing off your google adsense earnings reports. Must always remember that you are only allowed to display the revenue column, because in your adsense account there are sensitive issues that show CTR and impressions.

6. Do not trap the reader for meg-click on your ads
Do not mislead your ads to visitors blog, this is one of Google’s principles. Labels such as sponsorships, advertisement still allowed, but the label “Click here for more” or “Great Offers” is strongly discouraged. Do not get banned dech Google because such an action.

7. Do not show your ads in a new browser
Not advisable for you to change the coding in the first place and by adding code like target = “_blank” to open in a new browser, this violates Google Adsense TOS.

8. Do not place ads or search services similar
It is not advisable for you to run that kind of contextual text ads. Google only allow alternative services like AuctionAds, Chitika or advertisements provided by yahoo. Do not ever try to create a link structure that is similar to adsense ads, because apparently the mbah Google is very jealous blind lho …

9. Do not ever put a picture on the Adsense ads
Pictures and ads can be an attraction for others to click your ads are not relevant. Google only allows images with ad placement if there are clear boundaries between advertising and image, if not then they are contrary to the TOS.

10. Do not join the program click on farms
I once saw this program click on buxstro farms and the like, they stated that they would give a click on your adsense ads from all the member who joins. Sich was really interested to join, because not too expensive cost of his registration. But after reading it-google read the TOS was not allowed. Yakh not so dekh …

11. Using 3rd party programs to increase impressions
This is equal to the number 10, you also should not use a paid autosurf program or surf to increase impressions of Google, if it is done, you’ll get banned lho.

12. Carefully place the ads on non-content pages
Maybe you’ve seen blogs like that, that if we open only doang adsense ads. It is also prohibited, one when Google would be aware of this and will make your adsense account banned

13. Do not put all keywords in one article
Sich experts say to enter as many keywords as possible in one article, Google says no. Who should you trust, expert or Google that will pay you money for their ads? Writing articles with interesting content is required and the planting of keywords it is advisable to get targeted visitors, but avoid excessive keywords and make your article funny.

14. Pushing to make Click
Encouraging others to click your ads with phrases like “click on my ad, and I’ll click on you” or “click on my ad to find more”, is one of the ban from google. Sich I never encountered this in some forum / directory, fortunately I was not part of it. This can cause your adsense account will be disabled lho.

15. Do not use templates and AdSense Arbitrage MFA
Do not use MFA (Made for Adsense) Templates! Google has banned the use of their accounts since June 21, 2007. Basically you make a lot of money with this adsense arbitrage method. You’ll be taken on an ad for a position in the content, site owners will be pleased, but unfortunately Google has stopped such acts

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Jika blog Anda pada host bersama namun mulai mendapatkan lalu lintas yang serius, maka Anda mungkin mengalami masalah dengan query database lambat, dan di masa depan Anda bahkan mungkin dihentikan karena melampaui kuota CPU. Hasilnya akan frustrasi di sisi Anda dan pengunjung kesal di sisi lain.

Reaksi pertama akan mengajukan dukungan puluhan tiket dengan perusahaan hosting. Setelah itu Anda mungkin mempertimbangkan pindah ke VPS atau Dedicated Server, tapi sebelum melakukan itu Anda harus mencoba beberapa trik untuk meningkatkan kecepatan loading blog Anda dan bertahan lalu lintas lebih tinggi pada shared hosting.

Penting: sebelum mencoba untuk melakukan sesuatu dengan blog Anda silakan membuat backup database Anda segar dan file WordPress.

1. Gunakan hanya beberapa plug-in yang diperlukan.

Kurang Plug-in yang Anda miliki, kecepatan loading yang lebih besar Anda capai. Jadi menonaktifkan dan menghapus plug-in yang tidak benar-benar diperlukan untuk blog Anda.

2. Gunakan murni kode pada sidebar Anda bukan widget.

satu ini tampaknya radikal tetapi sangat mudah untuk diimplementasikan. Membuat penelitian dan Anda akan menemukan contoh kode untuk menampilkan posting terbaru, kategori, tag, dll pada sidebar Anda tanpa menggunakan widget apapun.

3. Nonaktifkan pasca revisi.

Post revisi hanya membangun Database dengan catatan. Satu-satunya hal yang harus Anda lakukan adalah untuk menempatkan baris berikut dalam file wp-config.php:

define (‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, false);

4. Hapus tambahan tabel di WordPress Database.

Login ke host Anda, pergi ke phpMyAdmin Anda, buka database blog Anda dan Anda akan melihat struktur tabel database wordpress Anda. Default DB tabel untuk wordpress adalah yang ini:

* Wp_comments
* Wp_links
* Wp_options
* Wp_postmeta
* Wp_posts
* Wp_terms
* Wp_term_relationships
* Wp_term_taxonomy
* Wp_usermeta
* Wp_users

Jika Anda memiliki tabel tambahan (yang tidak digunakan oleh plugin Anda pada saat ini) menghapusnya. Mereka ada di sana hanya karena Anda telah menginstal dan uninstall plugin di masa lalu. Beberapa plugin membuat tabel tambahan di DB dan ketika Anda memutuskan untuk menghapusnya beberapa tabel tinggal di sana. Anda tidak perlu mereka, jadi drop mereka.

5. Anda WordPress Bersihkan Database.

Untuk langkah ini Anda harus sangat berguna plug-in. Ini disebut Bersih Pilihan.

Menginstalnya, mengaktifkan dan menggunakannya untuk membersihkan database wordpress Anda. Ini akan menghapus yang tidak perlu, redounded, yatim catatan. Kemudian Anda selesai dengan plug-in ini, sehingga menonaktifkannya dan menghapusnya. Setelah melakukan hal ini, silahkan uji blog Anda dan plug-in untuk fungsionalitas. Jika beberapa plug-in Anda berhenti bekerja, hanya pasang kembali dan Anda akan baik-baik.

6. Perbaikan dan mengoptimalkan Anda WordPress Database.

Pergi ke phpmyadmin lagi, pilih database Anda memeriksa semua tabel, dan dalam menu dropdown pilih perbaikan. Pilih database lagi, cek semua tabel, dan dalam menu dropdown pilih mengoptimalkan.

7. Ubah kode php dengan html mana yang berlaku.

Tip ini mungkin adalah yang paling kuat dari semua tips. Intinya adalah bahwa di header (kadang-kadang footer dan sidebars) dari tema wordpress Anda, Anda memiliki string php setiap kali blog Anda ketika beban mereka menyebut nama blog Anda, lokasi favicon.ico, stylesheet, file ping, feed, dll charset

Semua permintaan php yang memperlambat blog Anda sehingga mengapa tidak mengubahnya ke kode html statis.

Sebagai contoh kode berikut:

<Link rel = “stylesheet” type = “text / css” media = “screen” href = “<php bloginfo? (‘Stylesheet_url’);?>” />

Dapat diubah ke:

<Link rel = “stylesheet” type = “text / css” media = “screen” href = folder-here/style “http://your-domain-here.com/wp-content/themes/your-theme-. css “/>

Anda juga dapat:

* Membuat URL pingback Anda statis,
* Membuat feed URL statis,
* Anda dapat menghapus versi blog WordPress,
* Membuat nama blog Anda dan tagline / deskripsi statis.

Cara termudah untuk melakukannya adalah dengan membandingkan kode header aktual dari blog Anda dengan kode header hasil (klik kanan, melihat kode sumber pada browser Anda). Lihat kode php asli dan melihat apa hasilnya dalam kode sumber hasil blog Anda. Dengan melakukan ini, Anda akan menyadari baris php yang dapat Anda ubah untuk baris html statis. Jangan takut untuk bereksperimen.

8. Dan akhirnya menggunakan WP-Supercache plug-in.

Mungkin Anda telah menggunakan plug-in ini, tapi untuk orang-orang yang tidak Anda harus tahu bahwa itu akan sangat mempercepat blog Anda karena menghemat dan menyimpan halaman statis html blog Anda dan melayani mereka ke browser tanpa berat dampak pada host Anda.

9. Bonus Tip:

Optimalkan file (CSS, Javascript, gambar, video) dan tidak berlebihan dengan beban eksternal (BPT iklan combo, skrip dll)

Maksud meliputi tips ini tidak untuk memberikan pengetahuan teknis menyeluruh, tetapi menginspirasi Anda untuk percobaan dan penelitian. Tips ini akan memberikan hasil yang luar biasa dan Anda akan benar-benar terkejut ketika Anda akan melihat seberapa cepat blog Anda beban bahkan pada tuan rumah bersama. Saya pribadi mencoba semua dari mereka dan aku bisa menjamin bahwa mereka mempunyai efek yang benar-benar menakjubkan.

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Crack XP (2)

Cracking XP juga bisa memakai Notepad :

Ketik Kode di Notepad dan simpan dengan format : (nama file).reg

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWPAEvents]


“LastWPAEventLogged”=hex:d5,07,05,00,06,00,07,00,0f,00,38,00,24,00, fd,02

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersion]

“CurrentBuild”=”1.511.1 () (Obsolete data – do not use)”


“ProductId”=”69831-640-1780577-45389” ( dapat diganti dengan :”H689T-BFM2F-R6GF8-9WPYM-B6378″)

“DigitalProductId”=hex:a4,00,00,00,03,00,00,00,36,39,38,33,31,2d,36 ,34,30,2d,







“LicenseInfo”=hex:9e,bf,09,d0,3a,76,a5,27,bb,f2,da,88,58,ce,58,e9,05,6b ,0b,82,



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