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Boxing for Kids

As a sport boxing exercise doesn’t come to mind foremost for the majority of parents. Many parents would not consider boxing for kids in the slightest and would have a fear for their kid coming home with black eyes and a broken nose after the first session! However, as with all sports, boxing for kids can be safe with investment in the right equipment and in a good environment. The proper gear includes approved, Olympic-style headgear to protect against concussions and a mouth guard to help keep their teeth intact. Groin protection is also a necessity. Special child-sized Everlast boxing gloves are commonplace nowadays and should have a firm, snug fit.

The risk of injury is no greater than in other popular sports or activities such as gymnastics, hockey, swimming or football. Ensuring your child’s safety is about educating yourself in the sport and viewing the facilities it takes place in prior to expressing an opinion on it. With the increasingly tight Health and Safety regulations placed on all organizations regardless of size, boxing exercise should always be practiced in a safe environment which would benefit you as a parent. The benefits of placing your child in a boxing program far outweigh the risks. They also go way beyond the obvious assets of regular exercise, fitness and helping your kid to take care of themselves in this increasingly intimidating world. By taking part in boxercise kids can learn valuable boxing combinations, foot and hand speed, heavy bag workout and sparring.

Boxing for kids can be a very rewarding sport. It gives kids a sense of confidence, esteem, and, most importantly, self discipline. By submitting to a regular training schedule that’s structured and supervised, kids don’t just work out aggression, they learn perseverance and self-management. As with most things in life there is a clear correlation between hard work and noticeable results in your childs development (both physical and mental). It is also particularly effective for children that have behavioral problems. By giving them an outlet for their aggression, in a safe environment, and a strict schedule, through boxing exercise these kids learn the benefits of sportsmanship and hard work and begin to develop some self-worth and belief.

It’s true that with boxing comes the risk of slight injury, including parents main concern – brain damage, but it’s no more dangerous than other popular sports. As long as your little one has the right equipment (Everlast equipment is highly regarded in the boxing world), teachers, and environment, boxing can really help in your kid’s ongoing development.

Any coach worth his salt will always put the safety and developing sportsmanship of your child first (let’s face it if he didn’t he wouldn’t have a job!). An establishment with a good reputation and parents referrals will always be certified and insist on your child having the appropriate insurance and the proper gear before they commence their lessons. If you’re still unsure as to whether to let your child partake in boxing visit a gym to reassure yourself.


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1. To make the game watching more interesting, visit a friend’s house and watch it with your friends. You can also go to a local bar or a different town and try to bring a change in the match viewing experience.

2. Nothing can beat the joy and excitement that you can experience if you view the matches in a big screen. Viewing the matches in a big screen with friends and people cheering by the sides is a different experience altogether.

3. Keep food stores at hand whenever you are up for match viewing. IN between snacks can certainly add up to the flavor of the match. Whether it’s a friend’s house or a local bar you chose to see the matches, make sure you have prepared for what are you going to munch in throughout the matches.

4. To make sure that you do not miss out on any fun regarding the matches such as off field information and match build ups etc, So arrive sometime before the scheduled match time. If it’s a public place you have chosen for match viewing you would certainly want to take a good seat so that you can enjoy the match well.

5. Drinks often become an inevitable part of such high profile matches and more so when you are in a group. Try to stick to soft drinks and even if you are taking alcohol make sure you drink in moderation.

6. You can also try to catch a dinner post match with your friends or loved ones. Trying to revive the match moments and discussing the wonderful experience can certainly make your evening gleeful.

7. If football isn’t your forte and but you still want to enjoy this world cup, going to a local bar or any place where the matches are shown can certainly let you bask in the excitement of FIFA .

8. You might also try crazy things such as painting your face in the colors of your favorite team or a simple wearing of your favorite jersey and cheer your favorite team.

9. Going to a public place or the local bar means that you can view the matches amidst a party atmosphere. In these places you can meet crazy football fans and different people, interact with them and enjoy together. It’s like a get together; a big party you are attending. You can make new friends or meet the old ones.

10. Saturday, Friday and Wednesday schedules most of the England matches. You would like to plan your work routine in accordance with that and watch the matches.

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Nascar Most Popular Races

The modern racing and placed rules governed by Nascar began to become popular very quickly. Sponsorship arrived from the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. These men were searching for an outlet to market their merchandise, as they were banned from TV promotions. In 1971, the Winston Cup became the top series. In the late 1970s, numerous Nascar races began making inclined phone reportage. In 1979, the Daytona 500 race was televised across the nation. A blizzard on the eastern board of the states ensured that it was a much-watched event.

The dramatic conclusion of this race, which had a fistfight between the leading race drivers, increased the popularity and the spectacular outcome of these races. The competitive structure of the races also changed with the popularity of these Nascar races. The dollar element and championship points in the races became an important component.

Nextel Cup
When Nextel initially took over the sponsorship from Winston, the races were then referred to as The Nextel Cup. It is one of the most popular races and has the highest level of competition in Nascar.

Nascar Busch Series
More often than not, this is used as a practice session
by drivers who want to participate in the Nascar Nextel. The Busch series is second to the Nextel, but hardly compares since it has fewer races, and a smaller amount of prize money but other than that one can’t really tell the difference between the two.

Nascar Craftsman Truck Series

This is the third national division of Nascar which is incredibly popular! Its popularity attributed to the fact that instead of cars, heavily modified pickup are utilized to race. At first, it was considered to be an unusual process of racing but then the popularity simply grew without confines. It also has it’s individual set of fans and drivers as well.

Other Popular Nascar Races
Nascar has also purchased Cascar, the Canadian racing car series. This is amongst the 4 top racing series by Nascar. Nascar also endorses the dodge weekly racing series in which many local racers compete against each other. The winner is eventually crowned the dodge weekly champ of the nation. Besides this, three sectional racing classes also come under Nascar. They are the Whelen modified tour, which has modified open wheel cars; the Grand National division; and the AutoZone west series. Whatever be of the race or the cars, competition for glory has never been the same since Nascar was formed!

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