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Article marketing is a proven way to increase targeted traffic, get more sales, establish yourself as an authority and build your credibility. With so much to offer it is not surprising that almost every Internet marketer uses this technique. But not all articles bring about such amazing results. Learning how to make your articles work for you is key to your success.

To begin you will need a great title. By great I mean one that honestly relates to the content of the article and one that grabs the attention of readers. Additionally, the keywords should be used.

As for the article itself, you will need to structure the content in a way that is easy to read. There are many things that can aid that. For instance, listing things and using bullet points makes an article easier to skim over. Be prepared for the fact that not everyone will actually read the entire article. People in general are in a hurry and many will scan the article for important points and key terms.

Use short sentences and concise paragraphs that get to the point. An article is not where you want to add fluff. Keep the flow going. Write as if you are talking with a friend. Keep your language straight forward without using a lot of jargon. Keep in mind that someone completely new to the topic may be reading your article. Determine your targeted crowd and aim to provide information on their level with enough background that anyone could benefit from your article.

Be sure to introduce the topic in your first paragraph. It is also important that you include your keywords in the opening paragraph and sprinkle them throughout the article.Do not over-use the key terms; only add them in where they would fit in a normal conversation.

Wrap up the article with a summary. Again, include the key words. I like for my final paragraph to do double duty for me. I want the wrap up to relate to the introductory paragraph and I want it to flow into the resource box.

This makes the article complete and it leads the reader where I want them; reading my part of the article, which is the resource box. It is important the article itself is written with the reader in mind; it should include useful information that will be helpful to the reader and it should be written in an entertaining way.

But the resource box is for the writer. This is where you get to pitch or promote your chosen product, service, or website. The space here is limited so you have to use it wisely. Include key terms and at least one link. If you want to tell the reader about yourself do so after you have added your link. The flow from the article will be lost if you change the focus at the beginning of the resource box.

You are now ready to submit your article to major directories across the Internet. Start with the better known directories. Do not get frustrated if you do not see results right away. This is a numbers game; the more articles you write and submit the more your content will get read and better results will be achieved.

Once you know the basics of article writing and marketing your strengths will build. You will learn to write better and faster making it easier to get more and more articles out there. Your momentum will build and your success will soar. If you currently are not using article marketing you are leaving money on the table that should be in your pocket. Get started today!, Good Luck !



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The rapidly growing use of internet has also given a rise to the popularity of PPC (pay per click ad service program). It is a search engine marketed based technique through which highly targeted traffic is generated. The web site needs to be well optimized for this purpose. If a company is newly born, wants an instant rendezvous between its product and the targeted consumers and wishes for an instant browsing as soon as the website gets launched, PPC is there to help it out. There are certain guidelines, if followed properly, can help you achieve your desired goal.

The very first step that comes after getting registered for PPC is to take part in the bidding competition. Search engines conduct the bidding for the list of the key words and the placement of the ads. Here, one comes to know the importance of the key words that are to be used for the ad. You need to make a selection of your key words which you are going to bid for. In the beginning if your site is not an established one, go for low demand key words. Because there would be many big competitors competing for the high demand key words. There would be chances of not getting those words and if by chance you do get them after spending a fortune, your newly established website would not rank longer in them. With the passage of time when your site acquires a sound footing, then start bidding for high demand key words. But the choice of key words should be made in order to cater to the demands of your target audience.

After the proper selection of key words, comes the importance of the ad placement. Here you should try to spend more. If the ad comprises of good key words, brief information and gets a top placement, it would definitely get noticed in the very first glance. It will get the due amounts of click and that would end up in generating traffic for your site.

The ad and the content of your website should be a piece of quality. And both should relate to each other. At times, visitors attracted by the ad when visit the web site, the badly produced content of the site fails to sustain their interest. And some times, it does not give them the required information about the company or the product. It results in lowering the business graph and famished amount of profit. So, your ad must have a catchy out look and the content should be well written.

Your web site also needs to be well crafted and attractively constructed to bring in more and more visitors.

Always keep in mind the boundary wall of your budget. Do not exceed from it otherwise you will be liable to spend more than you are required to.

A well written and well placed ad coupled with the interest absorbing and duly informative content of your web site can make the clicking go on for your web site.

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1. Use the Squidoo lens URL as the display and destination URL

Google now insists that the display and destination URLs point to the same domain. Additionally, Google will not allow the redirection of the destination URL. This means that when using Squidoo lenses as PPC landing pages, the lens URL must act as both the display and destination URL.

2. Incorporate your primary keyword in the Squidoo lens URL

Google AdWords allows a maximum of 35 characters for the display URL. While you can omit the www prefix in the URL, this still means that the Squidoo lens name has to be brief (23 characters). The lens name should incorporate the primary targeted keyword if possible but this is not essential if you follow the other tips in this article.

3. Include your primary keyword in your Squidoo lens description

As the Squidoo lens description is used by Google to index your site, it is important to include your primary keyword in this area. If possible, a variation of your keyword can be included as well. For example, you could use “PPC” and “pay per click” as I have done in this article.

4. Focus content in the Introduction Module

You should make sure that your key message appears “above the fold” when your site is accessed. So it is vital that your call to action (subscribe to a list or purchase a product) is very evident in the Introduction Module. You should also include your primary keyword and a number of long tail variations (but avoid keyword stuffing).

5. Use Technorati tags in the Introduction Module

Technorati tags attract Google’s attention and contribute to your quality score. I have even had my Technorati tags appear on the first page of Google’s results, for a relevant keyword search, with a hyperlink to my lens. It is a good idea to place the Technorati tags at the end of the Introduction Module and to include the important keywords that you will use for your pay per click ad. There are a number of software programs available at no charge that will auto-generate the HTML for you.

6. Include the call-to-action in your first content module

Your first content module (following your Introduction Module) should reinforce your call to action. This can be by way of a banner or a combination of an image and text. The “black box” module is very useful here for highlighting the call to action as you can include an appropriate hyperlink.

7. Lensroll relevant lenses

It is advisable to lensroll other relevant Squidoo lenses to reinforce the relevance of your Squidoo lens to the targeted keyword(s). Lensroll creates a linkage between your lens and the other relevant lenses, adding value to the content of your own lens.

8. Add a “Featured Lenses Module”

This module enables you to create hyperlinks to other lenses. You just need to add the lens name and Squidoo will add the full URL and extract the lens image and description automatically. This is a good way to introduce long tail variations of your keywords. Again, the emphasis is on keyword relevance – introduction of irrelevant links will dilute your quality score.

9. Use your full allocation of Squidoo tags

In the first instance, make sure that your primary tag is the same as your primary keyword for PPC purposes. Many Squidoo Lensmasters overlook the fact that Squidoo extracts the lens description as the default primary keyword. This needs to be changed to line up with your pay per click campaign. You should use the whole 40 tags allocated to you for each Squidoo lens. You need to make sure that the tags line up with the keywords you want to use in your PPC ad, as this reinforces relevance.

10. Include original content modules and RSS feeds

Original content, such as a product or program review, strengthens your Squidoo lensrank and Google ranking and improves your quality score. RSS feeds from relevant blogs provide further regularly updated content and help to keep your lens fresh. Content freshness can be reinforced by regular updating of your lens.

Your Squidoo landing pages are most effective when they are highly consistent with your PPC ads. If your ad is for a particular product at an established price, then both the product and the pricing should be featured in a prominent way on your Squidoo landing page.

Last but not least, make sure your profile on the Squidoo lens reflects the content of your ad. This congruency strengthens your transparency score and, as a result, improves the quality score of your lens.

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Would you prefer to have your own domain name on your blog site instead of the domain name the blogging site provided to you? With domain mapping, you can control the domain name of your blog.

Domain mapping ensures that your blog and, consequently your website, are noticed properly by the search engines. Blogs are a great way to keep your website content fresh and interesting, both to online visitors and to search engines.

To boost your search engine results, a blog is a great way to go. But a blog on another website certainly isn’t going to help your cause. Domain mapping lets you transfer your blog over to your own domain name so that it will benefit your website and generate traffic for you instead of a blog hosting site.

Do you have a blog but no website to drive traffic to? It is in your best interests to buy a domain name and move your blog over to a personal site using domain mapping. Buying a domain name ensures that you have complete control over your blog. It prevents your blog hosting site from putting ads on your blog and making money off your writing.

If your blog is important to you, why not purchase a domain name for it? Your ideas are your own property, so they shouldn’t be sitting in someone else’s hands. Having your own domain name for your blog makes you look like a professional and polished expert in your field. Domain names can be purchased inexpensively,

and your blog might just surprise you by turning from a hobby into a lucrative moneymaking website once you buy your own domain name.

Choosing a domain name does not have to be difficult. Simply pick a unique title that suits your topic matter or perhaps involves your name. Don’t be dismayed if your first or second choices are already taken. Use patience, creativity and persistence, and you are sure to find the blog domain name that is perfectly suited to your needs. Then, use domain mapping technology to route your blog to your new domain.

Domain mapping is better than simply forwarding your blog to your site. The permalinks and URL of your site will contain your domain name as opposed to your blog host’s, so you will reap all the search engine benefits and traffic available to you thanks to your blog and domain mapping.

After you purchase a domain name to house your blog, find out the specific instructions for domain mapping your blog to your domain. The instructions are available from your individual service provider. Sometimes, you can find the instructions listed elsewhere on the web by other likeminded individuals who have previously taken advantage of the domain mapping feature.

Domain mapping usually involves a nominal annual fee of about $10 to $15 a year, but the increase in your web traffic that you will see thanks to the inclusion of your blog in your domain are well worth the cost. Once your blog is in your hands, your site will benefit from its content.

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Apakah Anda menikmati menonton televisi? Apakah Anda ingin menggunakan televisi sebagai cara untuk menghasilkan pendapatan? Salah satu cara adalah dengan menempatkan menunjukkan belanja rumah untuk digunakan. Melalui penelitian yang cermat pasar lokal Anda untuk beraneka ragam produk-produk konsumen Anda segera menyadari bahwa kadang-kadang menunjukkan belanja rumah menawarkan beberapa tawaran nyata. Anda dapat membeli barang dagangan dan menjualnya kembali pada keuntungan, atau hubungi penjual item tersebut dan berfungsi sebagai perantara bagi pembeli yang hanya Anda yang mengetahui, dan kumpulkan untuk layanan Anda.

Cara lain untuk menghasilkan uang dari menonton televisi adalah untuk menonton sekarang infomericals mengisi gelombang udara dan menjadi representatif di iklan televisi. Anda mungkin mampu ayunan beberapa pengiklan untuk infomerical media Anda sendiri. meskipun dolar volume pekerjaan yang tersedia, ada begitu banyak stasiun televisi bahwa ini adalah industri yang sangat kompetitif, dengan stasiun berebut untuk pengiklan. Karena persaingan yang ketat untuk pelanggan dolar, ada peluang bisnis yang menguntungkan terbuka bagi orang-orang yang mampu antre pelanggan untuk stasiun, pelanggan mereka mungkin akan melewatkan sebaliknya. Individu ini broker.

Peran broker adalah untuk mencari pelanggan yang berada di pasar untuk waktu televisi .. Broker saluran dalam pengiklan ke stasiun dengan siapa dia telah membentuk hubungan kerja. Dengan spesialisasi dalam menghubungkan pelanggan dengan stasiun, broker melakukan fungsi perantara yang penting bahwa stasiun bersedia membayar komisi yang baik.

Televisi adalah bisnis yang sangat kompetitif, dan tarif iklan bervariasi bentuk stasiun ke stasiun .. Sering kali, bahkan stasiun besar tidak memiliki staf pemasaran untuk menyimpan sebanyak iklan di pipa yang mereka butuhkan. Ini adalah tempat masuk broker Sebagai seorang broker, maka akan tugas Anda untuk menemukan bisnis baru untuk klien stasiun Anda.

Dalam berurusan dengan pemasang iklan, Anda akan harus menunjukkan bahwa Anda dapat menghemat waktu dan uang mereka dengan kombinasi “dalam” pengetahuan dan perhatian terhadap detail. Karena pelanggan anggaran untuk produksi iklan televisi selalu terbatas, ia akan biasanya harus memilih tempat untuk menghabiskan uang yang paling efektif. Ia akan selalu menunjukkan kepedulian besar dampak ia mulai untuk dolar. Broker dapat membantu pelanggan membuat keputusan penting ini.

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