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1. For you to effective do affiliate marketing, you have to be very organized. There is no substitute for this because the amount of affiliate programs of products you would be getting involved in as you succeed more may require that you have a detailed format of how you track what is happening where. Arrange you computer, pen paper in a place where you would be coordinating your affiliate marketing warfare. Take it as business and it would become one. Ensure that you map out specific times when you must be at work. This more related to those that work from home. Dont make the mistake of allowing families, visitors or other distraction to derail you online affiliate marketing effort.

2. You have to create your own website and get some form of subscriber list. This will enable you to get the email addresses of those you refer to your affiliate programs before sending them to the page. The emails you gather this way would be useful to you whenever you want to get back to such visitors or when you have another related product to market to them.

3. Make some valuable offer to your potential subscribers. This may be some simple report, newsletter or some re-branded plr rebook. This is to give them the confidence and trust to leave their contact or email address behind for you. One good way of benefiting from this is by setting up a blog and sending out an email to your list whenever you publish new post.

4. You have to be ready to write. Not just write but quality writings. So there is need for you to develop your writing skill or you would be outsourcing your content writing needs to others for some little fees. These write-ups would be posted on your blog and other forums and it is the quality that would help to convince readers to see more in the affiliate link you would discretely add below each article.

5. You should never think of quitting. There are times when you may be so dismayed and feel that the only option is to throw in the towel. This usually sterns from the wrong perception lots of people have about internet marketing. Some believe that they would start swimming in millions the very moment they start an online business. It may happen for just few lucky persons but you can make much more money online if you persist.


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As a small business owner, there are instances that you will need extra resources to pay for urgent purchases or emergency expenses while managing your own business. Getting a credit card for business is one of the best option. However, it is important to know when and how you can use this type of credit card. Below are some tips on how you can use your business credit card wisely:

Use your business credit strictly for business. Business owners sometimes tend to use their business credit cards for personal spending such eating out at restaurants or grocery shopping. This is definitely a no-no. If you own a credit card for business, you need to be very strict about the kind of expenses you charge on your card.

Make sure that your business credit card is used for business expenses only. On the other hand, your personal credit should be used only for your personal needs. Know your limits and always exercise self-discipline.

Choose the card that suits your business. Different business credit cards are designed to help different types of businesses. It is your job to find out which credit card for small business caters to the specific needs of your company. You may need to take some time researching about the many small business credit cards available in the market, but taking your time is a smarter move than getting a card that is wrong for your business.

Set a limit to your business spending. Just because you own a company does not mean you can use your business credit all you want. Be wise. A smart business owner sets up a realistic budget that must be followed. Keep in mind that a business credit card should be your partner in keeping your finances more stable and steady and not the opposite.

It is too easy to splurge using a card and get stuck in huge debts later on. Do not forget that each time you charge a purchase to your business account, you have the obligation to pay it back by your due date. Never use your business credit card if you have doubts that you can pay it back on time.

Check your account regularly. Apart from the monthly statements of account and the quarterly and yearly summaries sent by your credit card company, credit cards for small business provide an online account access for its card holders. Thus, you can check your account right from your home office or wherever there is access to the internet at any time. Take advantage of this opportunity to keep track of your charges and to make sure that you are staying within your budget.

Pay your monthly balances in full. A wise entrepreneur knows the value of paying debts on time. Never carry over your balance for the next month if you already have the means to pay it off completely. Remember, it is better to keep your credit to debt ratio in a balance to keep your business credit in excellent standing. Paying off your monthly balance in full protects you from the risk of bad debt and incurring additional interest rates and penalty charges.

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Adsense Trick

1. Never click your own ads in any way
Rules of the most widely violated by adsense publisher, with punishment banned from Google that reached 70%. This is (probably) happen because you want to try their system by clicking your own ads. For those who test the system, can be categorized as those who provide accidental clicks, there are ways to help you to not be banned by Google, is by sending you a notification email accidentally clicking your own ads to ‘learn’ their systems. They’ll help you anyway, samalah like when you did something wrong, then apologize … It must be forgiven kok.

2. Do not place more than three ad units and 3 ad links or 2 search boxes on every blog
Google gives a maximum of three ad units and ad links with the two search boxes to put on a full page. While you naughty with fourth place your ad, you need not worry because it tokh ads will not appear. Nakh than Google adsense breaking the rules but we do not have the results, better not have been violated dekh.

3. Never modify or implement new codes in adsense
If you’ve got your adsense ad code, make sure that you not alter the ad code-fox. You are only allowed to change colors, sizes and banner code. For those who are not proficient in HTML, do not try this at home … Even if the already-katik kutak aja ya back to the configuration page.

4. Open an Account for 10 blogs
If you have 10 blogs that you want to Monetize with Google Adsense, then an account is sufficient, there are no restrictions for you to open more than 10 blogs. I recommend this only to minimize the impact of a small mistake can make your account banned.

5. Do mengumbar secrets your adsense account
This can happen when you’re showing off your google adsense earnings reports. Must always remember that you are only allowed to display the revenue column, because in your adsense account there are sensitive issues that show CTR and impressions.

6. Do not trap the reader for meg-click on your ads
Do not mislead your ads to visitors blog, this is one of Google’s principles. Labels such as sponsorships, advertisement still allowed, but the label “Click here for more” or “Great Offers” is strongly discouraged. Do not get banned dech Google because such an action.

7. Do not show your ads in a new browser
Not advisable for you to change the coding in the first place and by adding code like target = “_blank” to open in a new browser, this violates Google Adsense TOS.

8. Do not place ads or search services similar
It is not advisable for you to run that kind of contextual text ads. Google only allow alternative services like AuctionAds, Chitika or advertisements provided by yahoo. Do not ever try to create a link structure that is similar to adsense ads, because apparently the mbah Google is very jealous blind lho …

9. Do not ever put a picture on the Adsense ads
Pictures and ads can be an attraction for others to click your ads are not relevant. Google only allows images with ad placement if there are clear boundaries between advertising and image, if not then they are contrary to the TOS.

10. Do not join the program click on farms
I once saw this program click on buxstro farms and the like, they stated that they would give a click on your adsense ads from all the member who joins. Sich was really interested to join, because not too expensive cost of his registration. But after reading it-google read the TOS was not allowed. Yakh not so dekh …

11. Using 3rd party programs to increase impressions
This is equal to the number 10, you also should not use a paid autosurf program or surf to increase impressions of Google, if it is done, you’ll get banned lho.

12. Carefully place the ads on non-content pages
Maybe you’ve seen blogs like that, that if we open only doang adsense ads. It is also prohibited, one when Google would be aware of this and will make your adsense account banned

13. Do not put all keywords in one article
Sich experts say to enter as many keywords as possible in one article, Google says no. Who should you trust, expert or Google that will pay you money for their ads? Writing articles with interesting content is required and the planting of keywords it is advisable to get targeted visitors, but avoid excessive keywords and make your article funny.

14. Pushing to make Click
Encouraging others to click your ads with phrases like “click on my ad, and I’ll click on you” or “click on my ad to find more”, is one of the ban from google. Sich I never encountered this in some forum / directory, fortunately I was not part of it. This can cause your adsense account will be disabled lho.

15. Do not use templates and AdSense Arbitrage MFA
Do not use MFA (Made for Adsense) Templates! Google has banned the use of their accounts since June 21, 2007. Basically you make a lot of money with this adsense arbitrage method. You’ll be taken on an ad for a position in the content, site owners will be pleased, but unfortunately Google has stopped such acts

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