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Social media sites continue to dominate the online world as we start a new decade. From social bookmarks like Digg and Reddit to microblogging services such as Twitter and Plurk to social networking giants, Facebook and MySpace, and everything in between, they all have contributed a lot to the ongoing evolution of what we call the face of the Internet. To the average online user, they may just be great new ways to communicate and interact with people, but for us who work from home, they serve a bit more purpose than just mere socialization.

Take for example, Facebook, where it’s basically a social network that brings people around the world together to share a lot of things such as information, events, birthdays, photos, videos, links, fan pages, groups they join, games they play, applications they use and many more ways to interact with your friends, family, colleagues, distant relatives, etc. However, with the advent of Facebook Ads, the said site’s advertising venue, it has become more than just a place to socialize but also a place to promote your work from home and products from your online business.

Though Facebook Ads have shown some promise, we still have to wait and see how it fairs up with other online advertising resources like Google AdSense and AdWords. However, there are already some who have quickly switched from Google to Facebook and one of the main reasons, according to them, is the specificity of its targeting options or targeting methods. The way anadvertising system targets people or customers will be a huge factor on how effective your online ads will be. The next paragraphs will show you why you should give these Facebook Ads a try.

In Facebook Ads, you can target your customers by specific locations. You can type in the country. You can also specify the state, province or city if you like. Let’s say you’re only targeting people who are currently residing in Paris, France because your business is there. Furthermore, if you want your ads to appear to those Facebook users who have said in their profile information that they are living in Canada, you can do that by just clicking or typing something. This is great because you are sure that the ads will be shown to the folks you’re really targeting in yourwork from home.


Next targeting option that’s nice as well is through education. Are the target audience for your work from home already graduated from college? Are you targeting high school students? How about college students? What’s even nicer about this targeting option is that you can specify which college or university they are in or they have been and what college degree they took or are studying. At the same time, you can specify the year or the range of years as to when those people have graduated.

After location and education, Facebook Ads lets you target through age. Many individuals are now on Facebook, even those with age 40 and higher. This just means that you can target almost anyone in thissocial networking site, from teens to young adults to adults. That’s a whole lot of people considering the fact that Facebook has now more than 400 million members.

Facebook Ads can be the breakthrough that you are looking for especially if your work from home mainly involves online advertising. Right now, questions still pop into everyone’s head. Will Facebook Ads overthrow Google in terms of online advertising? Will it live up to its hype? Is it better or more effective than others? There’s only one way to find out and that is to try.


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1. You need to remember that not all repossessed cars are alike, they may differ on the different aspects such as physical occurrence, types of models and makes and functionalities. This does not mean that the repossessed car is still in best condition when you see it attractive outside.

2. Repossessed cars that are displayed for bidding at repossessed car auctions are at as-is-where-is condition. Some of these cars may undergo from neglect while some are already physically damaged. So, if you do not want to spend money for possible repair, you need to bring with you a mechanic for the unit inspection before buying the vehicle.

3. Some secondhand or repossessed cars do not have any more warranties unlike the brand new ones. But its huge advantage is on the fact that it can produce enough savings for you as they are sold at very affordable prices.

4. Analyze first the situation before agreeing to buy a repo car. If you think it would require money to be spent for its repairs, better find for a repo car that would give financial advantages to you.

5. Although it seldom happens, there are possibilities that impounded cars here are being sabotaged. We must consider the fact that previous owners may feel sorry for the repossession; this might lead them to be revengeful and do some unseen damages on the car. So, it is important to conduct a thorough inspection of the unit and you can even do a history check of the car.

6. Even repossessed cars at car auctions have to follow rules and regulations just like in the normal car markets. If possible, give time to read the fine print of the contract where the terms and condition apply. You must be vigilant enough as it might carry hidden additional charges. Also, take note of the expiration of the warranty, there is possibility that it might be covered by the new owner.

If you are serious in participating in some repossessed vehicle auctions, you need first to consult your trusted mechanics, ask for the car’s history from previous owners and even the car dealers. In addition, you may check out for additional references of any local car auctions in your local newspapers or over the internet, this well helps your search for repossessed car much easier. Try to get more of the advantages on your side and you will come up with a good repo car hunt.

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Ketika pengguna internet di Indonesia terus meningkat, sudah pasti bisnis online akan semakin dilirik. Pebisnis offline tentu juga tidak akan ketinggalan memanfaatkan internet sebagai cara menghasilkan uang. Saat itulah orang-orang berbondong-bondong melirik Affiliate Program.

Nah, bagi anda yang berminat membuat affiliate program, mungkin anda bingung bagaimana memasarkan situs web anda. Supaya banyak orang tertarik untuk bergabung dengan affiliate program anda, tentunya materi marketing yang diberikan juga harus baik.

Kalau selama ini biasanya merchant akan memberi banner atau text links standar. Tetapi banner dan text links cenderung kurang efektif menarik minat pengunjung untuk bergabung. Bagi pengunjung yang terutama mereka cari adalah materi marketing yang bagus.

maka, materi dan kiat seperti apa yang bisa menggiring banyak pengunjung?

* Sediakan katalog elektronik (datafeed). Dengan katalog elektronik, marketer bisa menjualkan produk-produk merchant secara lebih spesifik. Akan sangat baik, jika dalam katalog tersebut dilengkapi gambar, uraian produk secara mendetil, dan alamat URL yang langsung mengantarkan pengunjung pada situs web milik merchant.
* Link affiliate dengan halaman yang dituju. Home page merchant itu tempat yang harus anda hindari. Karena halaman ini biasanya kurang menarik bagi pengunjung. Merchant yang bagus biasanya akan menyediakan deep links yang langsung mengantarkan pengunjung ke halaman yang berisi produk yang mereka minati. Intinya, antarkan pengunjung anda untuk sampai ke halaman yang mereka inginkan secepat dan semudah mungkin.
* Links isi (content links) atau halaman web (web pages). Banyak merchant yang menyediakan halaman situs web mereka pada para affiliate marketer. Ini cara efektif dan paling mudah untuk mempromosikan situs web merchant. Singkatnya, tebarkan jaring promosi seluas-luasnya.
* Daftar kata kunci (keyword). Beberapa merchant biasanya juga merekomendasikan daftar keyword untuk para marketer. Daftar keyword ini penting untuk memudahkan pengunjung menemukan apa yang mereka cari.

Memang banyak sekali hal yang perlu anda pelajari dalam affiliate program. Tapi, saya tekankan sekali lagi. Ini tidak berarti affiliate program itu sulit. Tetap tanamkan pada diri anda ”affiliate program itu mudah!”

Buktinya banyak yang berhasil di bisnis ini. Mungkin anda yang akan menyusul berikutnya?

Sejauh ini apa anda sudah coba berburu merchant untuk affiliate program anda? Jika belum, segera cari! Agar anda lebih mudah mencoba apa yang sudah anda baca. Jangan buang waktu!

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